CHROM DB Frequently Asked Questions

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No, the data are based on the average % of each substance for all uploaded analyses of a single oil

They come from our daily activity as an essential oil testing and R+D laboratory. Each single characterization analysis which has passed the Authentication and quality control is uploaded to CHROM-DB

Yes, new batches are continuously uploading for averaging, new oils added, updating IFRA standards, etc

Each report is internally linked to several analyses of different lots and/or suppliers, each one with a different ID number. Those interested in the traceability of a particular oil can make an inquiry through our contact page.

Yes, ChromEssene is an independent laboratory without any commercial interest, with a team with more than 20 years of experience in essential oils. We reflect the reality of the essential oils industry through various sectors such as fragrances, flavors, aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Not all of them. There are oils relatively new in the industry which are still in process of standardization. Please check our post about essential oils standardization

Many of the specifications are established considering a compendium between international standards and our own statistical data. Others are set using only our historical data, due to the lack of standards. In addition, there may be oils without specifications (non-standardized oils)

Our phytotherapy specialist is compiling literature to assign the activity to each single substance. All the biological activities are based on meta-analyses, reviews, in-vivo and in-vitro studies. The activity of the oil is calculated from its chemical composition. Please note that the synergistic effect between substances has not been taken into account in this distribution

In some cases, the oil marketed in the industry is a blend of several geographical origins or chemotypes.

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Only some rare unknown compounds (normally traces) or low volatile (heavy compounds) such as certain furocoumarins, are not present in the reports. The essential oils are major composed by volatile substances but sometimes the non-volatile content is higher than usual, as with certain absolutes.

Trusted data from ChromEssence®
Certified oils

Real-time connection to our internal DB

Average results from thousands of analyses are uploaded every day in each data sheet

Only Authenticated Essential Oils

ChromEssence is testing oils everyday, and only purity-tested batches are taken to calculate results in CHROMDB

A guide for standardization

ISO standards, Pharmacopoeia and historical data of each standardized oil are used to set the specifications in the tool. Also retention indexes available for every substance to assist analysts in compound identification.

Also Vegetable Oils

Fatty acid profiles, organoleptic and physico-chemical properties.

Safety Data according to IFRA Standards

To help cosmetic formulators in the dosage of their natural oils.

Distribution by biological activities and chemical families

All the biological activities are based on meta-analyses, reviews, in-vivo and in-vitro studies, and verified by a phytoterapy specialist